Concept-based Instruction in English as an Additional Language (EAL) environment.

This workshop will present an approach to shelter learning, and teaching English as an additional language in a concept-based environment.

The workshop will focus on supporting teachers in making the most of sheltered learning while designing concept-based EA learning scenarios.
The workshop will present an approach to designing learning engagements in which students’ language levels and skills are placed at the center.

This workshop empowers teachers who are not language specialist to become aware of the language learning process, and to teach catering to students’ language needs.

Participants will be provided with collection (over 100) of strategies that will allow teachers to support’s students’ language acquisition and development process, while also consolidating integrated thinking and attaining deep conceptual understanding of the topics.

Participants can expect to culminate this experience with an ample collection of formative assessment and learning tools.

For bookings and/or more information contact J. Rafael Angel