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TOK or Practice of Knowledge?

My experience teaching Theory of Knowledge (TOK) may not be as broad and diverse as my experience teaching languages. Nonetheless, despite its brief length, the explorations I have dwelled into are as vast as one could expect. I have always … Continue reading

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Memories of Transdisciplinary Learning

As a child, I remember browsing through one of my favorite encyclopedias called ¿Sabes Quién? (Do you know who?). I remember how ardently my cousins, friends and I discussed the skills and interest the greatest people in the past had. … Continue reading

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ICT stands for Inquiry, Concept and Task

Concepts are the driving force behind the pedagogy of inquiry. For this reason, they are fundamental in teaching languages as they allow striking a balance between meaningful learning experiences, quality learning over the quantity of content demands. The era when … Continue reading

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The Marriage of areas of knowledge in one building: Chichen-Itza.

When creating resources for teaching Spanish as a foreign language, as an IB educator, I have tried to expose students to perspectives that can cause them to use Spanish to speak or write about their convictions, to find responses for … Continue reading

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My Spanish Interactive / Learning Platform  E-colelingvo: E- for electronic, Cole for “school” in Spanish and Lingvo for “language” in Esperanto is my learning platform where Spanish is practiced in a conceptual way. The platform was built following the framework … Continue reading

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