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The Things I Think about when I Differentiate

Many good and tough experiences with differentiation have made me realize that differentiation is not something that we must do because some students need help, or because some students are more able to carry out certain kinds of tasks. We … Continue reading

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Like, Tweet, Tag and Blog

I was recently having a conversation with our CAS Co-coordinator about teachers and students’ roles in the present. We discussed ideas ranging from Tony Wagners’ 7 key skills to the abilities and talents that can be developed in constructivist and … Continue reading

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Transformation Witness

Reflection must be teacher-student driven, with eyes fixed on the future. I firmly believe that effective teaching inspires real learning, and a stimulating and meaningful teaching-learning environments/processes must equally yield effective reflection. Likewise, I am convinced that reflection is not … Continue reading

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Language teachers – Psycholinguistics Combo

Why should language teachers be interested in psycholinguistics? This essay was written by J. Rafael Angel Mendoza in 1998, for the subject of Applied Linguistics, taught by Carol Lethaby. University of Guadalajara, Modern Foreign Language School Psycholinguistcs is sometimes defined … Continue reading

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e-approaches to teaching and learning: a new paradigm in curriculum delivery.

In March 2013, I presented a paper entitled Uses of mobiles and learning platforms as a medium to develop and improve linguistic competencies in a foreign language course, at e-Society International Conference, in Lisbon, Portugal, evidently studying the learning platforms … Continue reading

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The Mexican boy with Beijing in his eyes

  Beijing has welcomed me CON LOS BRAZOS ABIERTOS (with arms wide open), and has granted me the opportunity to discover miscellaneous ways to mend solaces and reconstruct illusions, since we live in one world and one dream. Beijing has … Continue reading

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西, 四. Students’ conclusions: such a beautiful Thing!

Children are more observant than we give them credit for! I must say I am totally in love with the idea of  triculturalism at Educare, for not only has for the presence of Spanish, English and Mandarin definitely added to … Continue reading

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