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Being Part of the Learners’ Universe

From May 20-27, 2018, I will have the pleasure of hosting the #MYPChat on twitter. Previous hosts have done an extraordinary work by helping us reflect on the value of being connected; by encouraging inquiries into ATL skills, the learning … Continue reading

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TOK or Practice of Knowledge?

My experience teaching Theory of Knowledge (TOK) may not be as broad and diverse as my experience teaching languages. Nonetheless, despite its brief length, the explorations I have dwelled into are as vast as one could expect. I have always … Continue reading

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SPT Conferences: Lost & Found

Conferences have always represented a moment to emphasize the importance of the relationship that must exist between learners, teachers, and parents. Most importantly, I have always regarded these occasions as an opportunity to, collaboratively, move away from practices that destroy … Continue reading

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Fertile Units

Image from: www.wearethepractitioners.com While walking the road to a unit’s culminating task, as I approach the end, I always remember a rather unpleasant experience with an assessment. It was the year the now forgotten Visual Interpretation criterion was introduced in Language … Continue reading

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The Things I Think about when I Differentiate

Many good and tough experiences with differentiation have made me realize that differentiation is not something that we must do because some students need help, or because some students are more able to carry out certain kinds of tasks. We … Continue reading

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Reflections that Inspire Action

For the 3rd time, we have worked on a unit on Sustainability at Ecole Mondiale World School in the MYP Grade 10 Language Acquisition Department; this is also the 3rd time we conduct a Skype conference to accompany and enrich … Continue reading

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Like, Tweet, Tag and Blog

I was recently having a conversation with our CAS Co-coordinator about teachers and students’ roles in the present. We discussed ideas ranging from Tony Wagners’ 7 key skills to the abilities and talents that can be developed in constructivist and … Continue reading

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