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Concept-Based Foreign Language Instruction Strategies

I have put together this post which includes most of my posts on concept-based foreign language instruction strategies. If this interest you, subscribe to it as I will be updating it constantly. Miscelaneous strategies for Concept-Based foreign language instruction #ConceptBasedLearning … Continue reading

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How can we help students achieve a conceptual understanding?

Concept-based teaching is one of the approaches to teaching in the IB Programs. What makes Concept-based teaching different from other methodologies is how teachers guide students to move beyond the facts and to find relationships and connections among the concepts … Continue reading

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Inquiry-based learning is a lesson on humility

I am writing this blog post upon culminating a very gratifying year or learning and teaching, as my summer break begins, and before the arms of the summer convince me that it is time to slow down and re-charge for … Continue reading

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Would MYP Teachers be willing to be MYP Students?

One of my mentors used to say that children are creative because they do not believe in “impossible”; that teenagers were charged with hormones to shake up adults, in the hope that they (adults) remember their journey.   I reflect … Continue reading

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MYP Spanish By Concept through my eyes

After a year of exploring the extent of my curiosities and creativity, as I thought of a tool that IB MYP Spanish could use in their classes while engaging in the experiences, it is quite fascinating to look back at … Continue reading

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