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Memories of Transdisciplinary Learning

As a child, I remember browsing through one of my favorite encyclopedias called ¿Sabes Quién? (Do you know who?). I remember how ardently my cousins, friends and I discussed the skills and interest the greatest people in the past had. … Continue reading

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Nutritional Value of the Statement of Inquiry

This is the 4th and last entry about the architecture of the conceptual framework in IB Spanish By Concept. My first entry focused on my the features that define the Spanish By Concept experience; the second entry focused on defining … Continue reading

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Inquiry Instruments and where to find them

There are many reasons to appreciate and respect inquiry-based learning environments: because we are no longer living in the dark ages; because we are surrounded by information that we need to digest and evaluate; because there are great opportunities to … Continue reading

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The Learner Profile as a Map

The learner profile and its attributes are ideals and realities; they are noun and verbs; they are seed and promise. Many times, the learner profile is underestimated as, some say, it romanticizes the learning process. Nonetheless, as a former video … Continue reading

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Engagement, they wrote

One of the most rewarding experiences for a teacher is to witness how students take responsibilities for answering the questions that emerge in class and then redefine the course of the inquiry that was originally planned. When this happens in … Continue reading

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Reflections that Inspire Action

For the 3rd time, we have worked on a unit on Sustainability at Ecole Mondiale World School in the MYP Grade 10 Language Acquisition Department; this is also the 3rd time we conduct a Skype conference to accompany and enrich … Continue reading

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The Information Thief and the Accumulation of Knowledge

Recently I was wondering how many times teachers have made photocopies of a certain task or written the same notes on the board. I was trying to figure out what teachers do with all those great ideas for which they … Continue reading

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