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Pokemon Go is just the tip of the iceberg.

We can get creative and devise educational ways to use Pokémon, but if we are solely focusing on the App, and forgetting that there is more depth to this than just the Pokémon Go Version, we could be missing big … Continue reading

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The Soul of the Personal Project

I have been interested in transitions for a long time. I am fond of the mental and cognitive transformation that all of us undergo when we move form one plateau to another. Some of these transitions are like the metamorphosis … Continue reading

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The Learner Profile as a Map

The learner profile and its attributes are ideals and realities; they are noun and verbs; they are seed and promise. Many times, the learner profile is underestimated as, some say, it romanticizes the learning process. Nonetheless, as a former video … Continue reading

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Skills lie in the eyes of the beholder and in the hands of the doer

Discussing the skills students require to be successful in this century is like eating tortillas for Mexicans, quite common (and please note that I am Mexican). Yet, as Tracy Immel states, it would be worth thinking about the skills that … Continue reading

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Change Ahead

For the last 3 years, educators in my department (IB Language Acquisition / foreign language) have been working hard at enriching and diversifying our appreciation for diverse approaches to teaching; as well as at broadening our explorations of learner-centered practices … Continue reading

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Weather Forecast

Generating a learning climate where students’ cravings and curiosities serve as the engine that stimulates inquiry and encourages us to study a certain theme/concept in class is something we, teachers, need to keep our senses ready for- so that we … Continue reading

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An EFL Approach to teach Spanish as a Foreign Language

One of my teachers in university constantly reminded us to understand that students (regardless of their age) will be able to perform in any given scenario as long as we modelled some examples prior to the execution of the task, … Continue reading

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