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Memories of Transdisciplinary Learning

As a child, I remember browsing through one of my favorite encyclopedias called ¿Sabes Quién? (Do you know who?). I remember how ardently my cousins, friends and I discussed the skills and interest the greatest people in the past had. … Continue reading

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Packing experiences in a unit

How do we pack what is worth keeping in life? How do we prepare for a wedding? We don’t want to be under or over dressed. We don’t want to outshine the bride or the groom, but if happens, I … Continue reading

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What can teaching in China teach teachers about learning and language acquisition?

As a child,  when I started to learn English in Mexico, I thought that words in English would be formed in the same way that they are formed in Spanish: just by joining sounds. And there I was thinking that … Continue reading

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The Linguistic Universe in Global Context, Key and Related Contexts

Warning! This is a very long post! This is the second entry in the series of blog posts that I am writing about my book Spanish by Concept, published by Hodder Education. In my first post on the book, I … Continue reading

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The ATL hunter

If we, teachers, want students to demonstrate the skills they have acquired in our subjects; if we want to find out which they are developing; if we need to figure out which they are mastering; and if we want them … Continue reading

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What is the unit to measure the joy of learning?

Many of us have quoted the Chinese proverb: ‘Tell me, I’ll forget; show me, I’ll remember; involve me, and I’ll understand’ when addressing the human aspect of teaching and learning. For this season, I want to revamp it in order … Continue reading

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Sharing the chair and the platform

What are teachers doing to stay enthused and motivated these days? Hopefully they are generating learning experiences that allow students to engage with them- their teachers. Witnessing how students handle new understandings and skills and what they are able to … Continue reading

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