MYP Spanish By Concept

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As an MYP educator, books are both tools and a collection of stories and explorations. A language book that solely encapsulates learning the language through the 4 basic skills without providing opportunities to learn about the language and through the language simply will not encourage learners to transfer and to employ the skills and knowledge they have to take action.

I wanted to write a book for teaching foreign languages that would generate an experience that goes beyond its pages; one that serves as a tool to explore the vast amount of information available in virtual and social environments; one that invites students to question their convictions and cause them to reflect; one that empowers students to establish connections between new information and the knowledge they already possess; one that allows learners to utilize the language they are learning to express their view points on issues of global and local in every interaction they take part in, regardless of the context. Spanish by Concept is a book that offers students and teachers a key to using Spanish as a tool to learn about the world, while encouraging everyone to become a designer of information and a critical thinker.

Moreover, because it’s important for teachers to remain learners, it was important for me to include opportunities for teachers to embrace curiosity and interest in learning alongside students, acting, thus, as an instrument that benefits the constructions of a learning experience in which both teachers and students are vital parts of the co-construction of new ideas.

These were the intentions and ideas behind the creation of Spanish by Concept for the IB MYP: a book for learning in the time of information, connections and networks.

Click here If you would like to read more about the conceptual framework of Spanish By Concept.

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Images of Spanish By Concept for MYP 1-3, phases 1-2

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Images of Spanish By Concept for MYP 4-5, phases 1-2

Screen Shot 2017-03-25 at 2.01.25 PMScreen Shot 2017-03-25 at 2.02.37 PM




Images of Spanish By Concept for MYP 4-5, phases 3-5

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The MYP Spanish by Concept suite.

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MYP Spanish Language Acquisition By Concept Series [Content alignment]

You can order here:
MYP 1-3, phases 1-2             MYP 4-5, phases 1-2           MYP 4-5, phases 3-5 


14 Responses to MYP Spanish By Concept

  1. Zubin Yadav says:

    Dear Mr. Rafael,
    I wanted to to congratulate for your work with your wonderful Spanish books.
    I have been a Spanis teacher for a few years at Institute of Spanish Studies in West Bengal. One of the students I tutor is an MYP student and wanted help with a task of your book. I liked the task, so I was curious and bought a copy.
    I must tell you I learned so much reading the book for phases 3-5; and even though I was not teaching the IB, it inspired me to create more interesting lessons. It also motivated me and somehow trained me to teach Spanish like in IB schools.
    I will begin teaching at an IB school in March, and I just want to say that your book helped a lot.
    Thank you so much.

  2. Rafael Angel says:

    Dear Zubin, thank you for your kind words.
    I am happy you found the book to be useful.
    Happy teaching and learning!!

  3. sneha suresh says:

    Estimado Señor Rafael

    Soy una maestra de español en una escuela internacional en la India. Enseño el Abinitio y el próximo año, enseñaré Spanish B. Quiero recibir un ‘lesson plan’ para ver cómo tengo que preparar uno con todos los requisitos del IB. También voy a comprar su libro para que yo puedo entender mejor los requisitos y hacer un buen trabajo. Espero que el libro me ayude mucho. Muchísimas gracias por esta ayuda y felicidades por su iniciativa.

  4. Teresa Araújo says:

    I really appreciate all your work!


  5. Laura R Locker says:

    Hola Rafael Angel:)
    Soy profesora de español para el PD. No tengo experiencia en PAI y me encantaría ver el planeador para ver el uso de estos libros en ab initio y b.
    Muchísimas gracias y felicidades por este éxito.

  6. Pat Buffa says:

    Hola Rafael
    Te felicito por tu trabajo!!
    Es muy util encontrar un libro que cubra las necesidades de los profesores de Lengua y literatura en PAI y/o DP. Hasta ahora siempre he compilado mi material.
    Me podrias compartir el planificador o una muestra del libro? Mi mail es:
    Desde ya muy agradecida

  7. Aida says:

    Dearest Rafael:
    Wonderful your book and the beautiful presentations!I has been teaching por many years and no other book interested me so much. Gracias y por favor,
    Mil éxitos,

  8. Casey Creel says:

    I like your focus on the theory of conceptual learning in the MYP; most recently my focus has been on far more basic, practical concerns, and the concepts can get lost. I’ve blogged on this myself and would be interested in your thoughts to tying lower-phase language learning to conceptual inquiry, especially given the Next Chapter’s new system of key concepts and related concepts.

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