4Uses of mobiles and learning platforms as a medium to develop and improve linguistic competencies in a foreign language course.
Paper presented at e-Society International Conference, Lisbon, Portugal, March 13-16, 2013. Published in the Conference Proceedings, 2013.


1e-Approaches to Teaching and Learning: a new paradigm for planning and administering a school’s language curriculum. Published in the International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life Long Learning, Volume 25, Issue 2

3Spanish for the MYP Years 4-5, Phases 3-5. Published by Hodder Education, 2015.


2Spanish for the MYP Years 4-5, Phases 1-2. Published by Hodder Education, 2016.



6Spanish for the MYP Years 1-3, Phases 1-2. Published by Hodder Education, 2017.



img_9795  IB DP Spanish Ab Initio: A genuinely conceptual approach. Published by Hodder Education, March 2019.
Read about MYP Spanish By Concept Series. In English  / En español



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