This page hosts images, interactions, and resources related to J. Rafael Angel’s presentation at The Korea Council of Overseas Schools (KORCOS) 2018.Screen Shot 2018-10-14 at 2.25.35 PM

A few resources

Using visual stimuli to create concept-based learning engagements.

Concept-Based Learning Experiences with Zoom ReZoom 1-3

Miscelaneous strategies for Concept-Based foreign language instruction



A Spanish as a foreign language Concept-Based Unit of work (narrated in English).

Focus on thematic concepts.

Spanish Language and Literature strategy
¿Cómo se grababan las radionovelas?

Chinese as a foreign language resources

An example of how to create (and model) the creation of effective “texts” for beginners in Chinese as a foreign language.

Youtuber Video

Example of a teacher-designed Chinese as a foreign language text based on a real-life item

Chinese as a Foreign Language Reading Beginner- Real life text

Professional Development

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