Teaching Learning Skills

Learning is like Rome: all pathways lead to it. While getting there might seem to be an arduous and strenuous task, there is no specific route to take. In other words, each one of us can decide which path to take to arrive learning; each one of us can decide on the tools and processed that best support us along the way; and, most interestingly, it’s up to us, our creativity, the our risk-taking spirit, and our skills to think outside the box and to transfer and apply skills and knowledge in different contexts what will determine how complex, empowering or filled-with-curiosity our journey will be.

If wanted to emulate the ideas of Dante, I would say that the road to learning is filled with temptations; but I would also add that it’s filled with opportunities to awaken skills of ours that have remained dormant, to find opportunities to put abilities we have developed into practice and to test our convictions. For any individual who pursues to discover different ways of utilizing data and ideas, and to construct new ways of looking at knowledge, encountering challenge and differences are elements that must be welcome.

In 2012, Tony Wagner delivered a TEDx Talk in which he shared the 7 most important skills that students of the present needed to develop. In the following video, such skills are discussed.

Now look at the IB Programs ATL framework:


How are the 7 skills mentioned by Tony Wagner related to the ATL categories in the IB?

This section of the blog has been designed to support learners’ personal learning journey. Make sure you visit each of the category subpages to learn more about Approaches to Learning (ATL).

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