Self-Management Skills

4 self ATL Clusters self

ATL skills help students prepare for, and demonstrate learning through, meaningful assessment.

 What are these skills?

There is not best approach to learning! ATL vary from individual to individual, because each person will resonate differently to the context he or she is interacting with. Learning is personal and students must be aware of the skills that will facilitate effective and efficient learning. Students need models, clear expectations, developmental benchmarks (or targets) and multiple opportunities to practice. For this reason, it is important that teachers and students work together in the construction of this collection of tools in order to guarantee success.

Since self-management skills refer to how we personally target, prioritize and assess our own learning; let’s have you define this concept by yourself.

Watch this video and define what are self-management skills in the IB MYP. Share your ideas.

Learning how to Learn resources on Coursera.


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