Foreign Language Teaching Strategies


Can students Inquire in a foreign language?

Cultural Inquiry in beginning foreign language levels.

Inquiry-Based learning and language teaching.

Teaching Foreign Language to At-Risk students.


Language guide. Vocabulary, grammar, listening and stories website in various languages. Good resource for self-study

One trust worthy online dictionary.

Resources for Hindi.


Using oral feedback for written work.[Video]

Design Thinking in the Spanish class. [Video]

Changing the plot of a fairy tale and adapting into a video.

A tool to check pronunciation.

The importance of learning vocabulary.

Engagement and hands on activities.

French Specific:

Listening and visual comprehension [French].

French resources galore!

French Vocabulary Video.

Bonpatron, spell checker in French.

Expressions imagées avec fruits et légumes.

Learning through video (criterion A) in French on Pinterest.

French infographics categorised in different subject groups. Great Complement for MYP Lang Acq Crit B.

 Spanish Specific:

Design Thinking Projects [Spanish class].
Challenging beginners with vocabulary.
Useful songs for teaching grammar in Spanish.
Common mistake in Spanish for English speakers.
SpanishChecker, spelling checker.
Materiales / Contenido sobre todas las asignaturas.
Readers in multiple levels.
Authentic language Blog. Spanish and English

Conceptual Learning and TOK in Spanish [Videos].

La Unión de las áreas de conocimiento. [Click]
Comprendiendo la historia por medio del color. [Click]
Percepción y apreciación. El matrimonio del arte y la tecnología. [Click]
Ética y derechos sociales. Análisis de un caso. [Click]
Concepto: Cambio: La transformación de Barcelona. [Click]
Concepto: Sustentabilidad y desarrollo. Concepciones sobre el ecoturismo. [Click]
Concepto: Migración. Razones y diferencias. [Click]
Concepto: Relaciones. El abuso / Bullying. [Click]
Concepto: Comunidades. Ambientes urbanos y rurales. [Click]
Concepto: Interacciones Globales. Interacción, educación e inteligencia emocional. [Click]
Concepto: Sustentabilidad. El futuro de la comida. [Click]


4 Responses to Foreign Language Teaching Strategies

  1. helen says:

    Do u have Mandarin?

    • Rafael Angel says:

      We had mandarin in the school I used to work in Mexico. The teachers developed an interesting approach to teach Mandarin to Spanish speakers that was quite effective. I will try to get a hold of some exercises they conducted.

  2. Kyle Nelson says:

    Hello! I’m currently in an IB training course and am interesting in viewing the article you have posted regarding Cultural inquiry in beginning levels of language. Do you still have to have that? The link is no longer valid.

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