E-colelingvo and Assessment

E-colelingvo is the interactive platform that I initiated with the aim of teaching Spanish as a foreign language, and Spanish as a mother tongue. Besides my work, other colleagues of mine have joined my effort with their contributions.

The objective of the site if to provide a space where Spanish is used not only for my students to complete tasks, but also to allow them to express their thoughts, ideas and beliefs in order to contribute to everyone’s learning experience.

You can read about the research that I conducted on the use of platforms and networks in foreign language teaching in the paper that I presented in Lisbon in 2013. [here]

A follow up piece of research that focuses on e-Approaches to Learning in a Connected Environment is due for publication on April 2015 in the International Journal of Continuing Engineering Education and Life-long Learning.

The video below provides a quick tour of the platform.

You can explore the group work in platform on your own here.

You can see the use of the platform as a repository here.

You can see how videos are used here.

You can see how photos promote discussions here, and here.

Some specific tasks can be seen below:

Grade 6 students discussing celebrations around the world. [here]

Grade 10 students discussing sustainable initiates. [here]

A collaboration of Grade 12 and Grade 10 discussing migration. [here]

Grade 9 students discussing change in many cities around the world. [here]

IB DP Spanish SL students discussing Music and Identity. [here]

IB Past Paper Repository.


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