Let’s Art about it

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As a foreign language teacher, my affair with the arts has helped me appreciate the substance of efforts and work. Using art in the language classroom take us beyond language itself.

Similar to language, true art selects and paraphrases, but seldom has an exact translation (Thomas Bailey), and this is possibly the one reason that encourages me to make use of art, as much as I use technology.

A thought of the workshop: possibly technology is being given a bigger opportunity in education that art ever was.

Language learners and artist need an audience, and social networks are an excellent asset to utilise in order to connect with others, to give and receive feedback, to collaborate, to evaluate, and to participate in the construction of new understandings (Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, to mention a few).

Screen Shot 2014-02-07 at 2.26.31 pmpopart


For the true artist, there is more than ‘like’ than just a click. There is a need to connect and learn. People who ‘like’ a language and want to learn it is able to see beyond the grammar and the structures: there is a need to belong to a whole new universe of value systems, degrees of truth and commonality.


Students should be empowered to use language and arts to redefine the way information is constructed. (storify, knowmia)


(Happiness by Humberto Moro)                                  (Courtesy of Chrys Hill)

Language + Art… An alliance that allows creators to document history. Wow, what a powerful tool!


Art does not merely touch on language, but it takes part in it (Emulating an idea on history by Theodor W. Adorno). Artists and language speakers want to help redefine the existing languages. No one wants to be except from this opportunity to be a part of change. 


Art‘ you convinced of the connections you make when you share your creations? Are you aware of the new co-construction of new learning and ideas when you use language to truly communicate?



Creativity + Language + Art + Purpose + the need to claim one’s place in the world = collaborating in the writing of history. (diigo)

Arts and Cognition.

The Arts create contexts and opportunities for language development.

Design Thinking in the Arts.

Theory of Knowledge (TOK) in the Arts. One.

Need inspiration? Look at Dave Aquino’s EPortfoliio.




4 Responses to Let’s Art about it

  1. Grade 11 TOK says:

    Art should truly play a large role in understanding and appreciating the different cultures in the world today. We as humans need to come closer together and experience life in each other’s shoes to end petty conflict for good.

  2. Rhushi Shah says:

    art will be perceived differently by artists than others who are getting familiar to the same art. here language has a major role to play to show the artist’s persppective.

  3. Saad says:

    Art should have a large part of the formative years of any child. The impact a piece of art can have on a child is greater than the impact that could be made by a simple piece of information presented in an ordinary manner. However, the message of the art must be taken into account because of the malleability of a young child’s minds, and art with an unethical message could heavily influence a child negatively.

  4. ritudu21 says:

    It so true…and goes well to explain how Arts can be used to educate posterity as the visual impact generally rules over the other senses in order to comprehend and remember things for a longer period of time. I believe that although Arts and Sciences can be considered as poles apart but their role seem to be overlapping in knowledge constructs. This I say as whereas, Science is more or else an effort to understand patterns in nature with the help of mathematics and logic, arts is a tool to understand patterns in a more allusive and intuitive way… a perfect combination of creative and critical thinking which generally seem to be using emotions as a stimulus…to create a piece of art! Thanks Rafael for a very thought provoking post well supported by the pictures…

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