Thinking Skills

Thinking Skills are the mental processes we use to do things like: solve problems, make decisions, ask questions, make plans, pass judgments, organize information and create new ideas. Often we’re not aware of our thinking – it happens automatically – but if we take time to ponder what’s going on then we can become more efficient and more creative with our minds.
(Note: thinking about thinking is called Metacognition)

In order to display critical thinking, students need to develop skills in

  • Interpreting: understanding the significance of data and to clarify its meaning
  • Analyzing: breaking information down and recombining it in different ways
  • Reasoning: creating an argument through logical steps
  • Evaluating: judging the worth, credibility or strength of accounts.
    [Source: Thinking Classroom. Web. 01 Oct. 2014. <

Thinking skills ideas and resources

Thinking Toolkit. In this site you will find ideas that will help you explore the use of imagination and thinking creatively.

Visual Thinking Strategies.

Bloom’s Taxonomy and Apps that support each level.

Visual Representation of Knowledge (Visual Thinking). [In Spanish]

Design Thinking Projects [Spanish class].

I think, I see, I wonder. Strategy using googlemaps. [From Inquiry Within]

Integrating thinking ideas. This is a website to bookmark!

Sample lesson plans, rubrics & more for teaching critical thinking.

Storified Thinking Skills story.

Strategies to help students ask meaningful questions.

Problem and Project-based Learning Activities. In Hindi. In Spanish. In French.


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