Making the Walls Teach

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During my summer holidays, I had the chance to meet with a friend of mine who is a stage director. When I arrived at his place he was in the midst of finalizing the design of the stage that where the universe of his next play would be born. He asked me to give him a few minutes while he assessed whether the decisions he was making in terms of the visual information he was sharing with the audience made any sense.

His words made me reflect on the classroom as an equivalent of a stage, and whether we, teachers, think of its design with a sense of audience. This realization made me think of the following questions:

  • Do we only put up posters to occupy space or to fulfill standards of different boards?
  • Do we put up displays because we will intentionally be referring to them throughout the year?
  • Do we make choices thinking about how much we can use our displays to teach and support students?
  • Have we produced the resources with a sense of audience?
  • Is the information in our displays presented in a way our audience will understand?
  • Are our walls teaching?

I am happy to be teaching Spanish again after a long time, and I must say that seeing my friend turned out to be a brief yet very powerful PD summer session for I am trying to be a lot more intentional with what I display in my grade 9 Spanish classroom these days.

Below are a few resources I shared on different social media.

Dual Coding MYP Assessment Posters

Concepts in Action in Spanish

Examples of Command Terms in Spanish

About J Rafael Angel

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8 Responses to Making the Walls Teach

  1. Mercedes Terbullino Alejos says:

    Muy bueno.

  2. Kadri Tomson says:

    These posters are great! Is there one for Personal project?

  3. Laura says:

    Hola Rafael, can we use these posters for our classroom freely? They are really great!Thank you

  4. Graciana says:

    Thank you for sharing these! we are getting started with the MYP and these will be very helpful.

    • Graciana says:

      I just realized that the post is from 2019. Given that the MYP program is always updating terminology and guides, do these posters reflect any changes since you made them? thank you !!

      • Hello Graciana,
        I have only updated the language acquisition posters.
        This means that the PHE and Arts ones would need adjustments, considering the updates in this two subjects.

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