The ATL Skills Museum

Every morning, throughout this academic year, our advisory program has engaged students in talking about learning.

MYP students have watched inspirational videos and expressed their opinion about them; they have also looked at a variety of Global Issues and have commented upon them; they have engaged in the study of specific skills they have to develop; they have collaborated in summarizing their learning in a variety of ways; and, most importantly, they have become aware of how the learning tools they have around them.

For the last weeks, MYP2 (grade 7 students) have been collaborating in the design of posters through which they presented the most salient aspects of:

  • Collaboration skills
  • Organisation skills
  • Communication skills
  • Reflection skills
  • Information literacy skills
  • Media literacy skills

There was no better way to put their discussions and social skills in place than by preparing a museum of their ATL journey for PYP students who are about to embark on their exhibition journey. Thus, grade 7 students curated an ATL gallery for PYP students, and they were some very committed ATL museum guides.

Our grade 7 students know what it takes to be successful in the PYP Exhibition, so they customised the presentation with a focus on the exhibition. Thus, recognising the role research has in the exhibition, we went back to basics and decided to take a close look at the way we can interact and learn from different printed sources.

Having a book in their hands, exploring their sections, understanding how each section in the book is a learning tool, students added a new element to their presentation: guidelines on how to look at different types of publications.

Therefore, when the presentation date arrived they “gave PYP6 students a tour” of their ATL Skills museum.

Grade 7 students had clearly developed confidence in their presentation skills, and they also demonstrated how they had mastered the ‘learning’ they were passing on to their PYP peers. Nonetheless, the highlight of this collaboration is the extent to which they related to which PYP6 students needed, hence making this experience a very relevant one.

We cannot be prouder of our grade 7 students for demonstrating that when Approaches to Learning are part of daily dialogue one can truly augment the meaning and value of learning; opposite to  just having a dead document with a set of skills hat nobody bothers to look at at.

ATL Skills are flavours that one needs to savour, not jargon that one should regurgitate.

The journey does not end there- this was just a rehearsal!

Their job now is to refine their communication skills and the quality of their presentation in order to educate parents into the art of ATL skills.

About Rafael Angel

Concept-Based Curriculum and Instructor Independent Trainer. Concept-Based Foreign Language Curriculum and Instruction specialist. Teaching and Learning Director; lives for traveling, reading, learning and tasting new flavours; culture and art lover; passionate about cinema and music. IB MYP, DP Workshop Leader. Mexican YouTuber and Soundclouder.
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  1. mbinjapan says:

    Looks great! Thanks for sharing

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