A for Attention


In my first efforts to prepare resources for the second part of this academic year, I came across some old yet current resources given to me at a workshop I took on Emotional Intelligence. In that workshop, which took place in early 2004, we were discussing the importance of emotions in educational trends in the XXI century.

As I went through the resources, most of which were samples of research work conducted by Richard Davidson, Daniel Goleman y Matthieu Ricard, I found myself focusing my reading around the word ATTENTION. While the argument about the importance of considering emotional and social education in curricular development still sound relevant and have plenty of room to study, I started thinking about the role ‘attention’ has in the process of learning- possibly it’s the first step; as well as in the interaction and collaboration between teachers and students.

Considering the high expectations many educational frameworks and boards have, I am truly curious now about the amount of efforts such frameworks and boards have truly made in developing or generating methods that address the development or improvement of attention, as, I could think, many of the difficulties in learning could be the result of a learning process in which both teachers and students have a rather weak attention span.

I remember that one of the main ideas we discussed in the workshop was the point that we should teach in order for students to be happy individuals by making the most of their talents and skills, and not to be knowledge absorbing machines that will only accumulate learnings… we certainly should teach students to acquire knowledge and become depressed by its accumulation.

So, the first video capsule that I prepared for the conceptual unit ‘The future of things’ is a video in which I invite students to reflect on the future of education considering academics, emotions and social learning. In this video, I also pose a question about the role and importance of attention, and I truly look forward to seeing how students react.

A for attention, in this first post of 2014.

The video can be viewed here.

¡Feliz año nuevo!


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