educ 4I have lived 360 months and been a teacher for nearly 7 years.
I was trained to explore possibilities, to test the value of probability, to experiment with everything that welcome my creativity.

We hypothesised and considered all situations in which our instructions could take place, but very few times did I or my classmates in University considered the Hollywood-flavored idea of inclusion in education. So, after exploring the limits of possibility in PROULEX, the language institute of my Alma Mater, Universidad de Guadalajara, and the demanding rigour and fast-paced advanced of ITESM, I find myself in the one place that I can call “the job I ever wanted”.

Not only am I thrilled by the fact that teachers can come to school in short pants, show educ 3
their tattoos (if they have any), and be who they want to be without any restriction, but also find myself fantasising about the fact that diversity exists in my classroom, in the hall ways, in the cafeteria and in our conversations. This is freedom!

I have walked  bare-footed around the school, taught in the garden, and conducted classes in the least traditional way – and it could seem that I was not teaching at all! Moreover, in my MEXICO, a country where many teachers claim they cannot let students question what they do; where they do not know how to encourage students to be critical thinkers or to discuss things that matter, I am doing exactly what many Mexicans would call utopia.

Is it good Dharma coming my way? Did I find this nice place? Or did it find me?

One of my students, in one of mu first classes, warned me by saying that, “in EDUCARE teachers create the atmosphere where everyone is happy”; and while this could have been interpreted in so many ways, the first thing I thought was happy learning, enjoyment in teaching. And since, then, almost 3 years now, I see this place as an extension of myself… I place that I cannot leave behind.

chi“School for Success”, that’s the motto of EDUCARE. And while I might not be able to see how many people’s dream will materialise and come true, how lucky I am just to feel that I can be a part of their building process.

The funny thing is that I believe they are building me as well.

I guess these are the possibilities of teaching and learning, when one cannot decide what one is doing or in what order; but one is certainly doing both.

If you want to read more about EDUCARE, you can do it here.


About Rafael Angel

Concept-Based Curriculum and Instructor Independent Trainer. Concept-Based Foreign Language Curriculum and Instruction specialist. Teaching and Learning Director; lives for traveling, reading, learning and tasting new flavours; culture and art lover; passionate about cinema and music. IB MYP, DP Workshop Leader. Mexican YouTuber and Soundclouder.
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