Your one desire then acts with ours,
as in all light,
so in all forms.
All wills now move togetehr
and their vortex, as stars and planets,
swirl through the sky.
Now we can love beyond our ideals
and sprout acts of compassion for all creatures
like we never did before,
therefore, the new window that beholds your truth,
the fascination that awaits for you, at your door.
Mudded silece, empty hand that all receives,
the heart that finds love unwanted,
the air that is no longer there,
heaven and creation forming a new creation,
my obsession,
before allform of primary invention,
a tear,
a cry,
echoes in my head,
a cry for compassion.
Blood rivers that cascaded,
strangled, mutated voiceless words still untouched,
squeezing life out of the unbeings,
unite the crwod of my sentiments
in a vision of passionate purpose:
light mates with form,
then and only then we are reborn.
Holy Voices of my blinded eyes
create in me a divine cooperation –
from my many selves make one voice, one action,
millions of people inside me, one nation.
I extend my arms to the devouring sun,
the moon behind me
and fire and wind to my sides,
I raise my heart in fervent desire,
crying our for compassion
though the concoction of my harmony,
No alimony,
never lonely,
dragging alow the string of my shoes,
my venom, my lace.
Then I know,
desire in all forms,
your hands acting with ours,
in light
in darkness
mutated in all forms,
th truth I seek
the love I’ve found,
the life, the world. 

About Rafael Angel

Concept-Based Curriculum and Instructor Independent Trainer. Concept-Based Foreign Language Curriculum and Instruction specialist. Teaching and Learning Director; lives for traveling, reading, learning and tasting new flavours; culture and art lover; passionate about cinema and music. IB MYP, DP Workshop Leader. Mexican YouTuber and Soundclouder.
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