Building an alternate classroom!

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A new unit was announced today: philosophies in sci-fi literature and movies, and while students’ faces as they heard my introduction, as soon as they were asked what they wanted to focus on, the answer was rapid, to the point and very specific: debate and sharing points of view.
Evidently, as part of an EFL class, we will be having discussions, round tables and a few different types of presentations; yet, as we discussed how we would proceed, we all agreed that it would be a good idea to invite other people – students from other EFL classes in the school, teachers or people that we knew- in order to truly contrast points of view, and to see how others appreciated symbolism, themes, attitudes, beliefs and values.
Thus, considering the a model that I became familiar with at ITESM as I completed my certification in PBL and CL, Gunawaderna Model, I felt this would be the best way to collect people’s opinions in a place where all of them were available. This, obviously, aimed at helping us to have access to a compilation of ideas and thoughts that would help us build on the discussion.
This is the key word: build. Together, all participants will collaborate in the enrichment of the experience, in broadening the perspectives we will share, and in the diversifications of opinions.
I am quite excited about this, as, since the spontaneity in this initiative did not allow planning for budget, we opted to use MSN LIVE GROUPS, as these spaces are available for anyone with a Hotmail account, and it is quite simple to build a community. I look forward to seeing how this evolves, as not only will this impact the outcome of the class and the learning experience, but also will help us get a lot of information that can easily be turned into resources.
I love the sci-fiesque touch in this experience, quoting Geoff Mulgan:
The once-science-fiction notion of hyper-connectivity – where we are all constantly connected to social networks and other bubbling streams of digital data – has rapidly become a widespread reality.

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  1. Angélica says: que esperas otra respuesta, pero es simplemente precioso

  2. rafangel says:

    Reblogged this on Ser y Estar and commented:

    Who would have said that an initiative that I just thought was FUN in 2005, would become my trademark, would have such an impact on my teaching style, and most importantly, would eventually become a very common practice in the “ordinary” classroom.

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